Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull eruptions disrupt flights in Europe because of ash clouds. Scotland and Scandinavia have some 250 flights cancelled.

In 2010 the volcano ash grounded most of northern Europe for more than a week, causing chaos among passengers and airlines, costing billions. I was lucky to have flight bans lifted the day I was set to travel to Barcelona, but this year is already threatening current plans again.

As the media hyped the announcement of the ash cloud spreading, cautious airlines cancelled scheduled flights and others flew into the effected area to examine the ash, what is now a dispute about how safe it is to fly.

With more than 10 days before I begin my travels I checked my annual travel insurance to find that travel disruption is optional at an additional charge. So I called and requested the extra insurance to find that at this time would not be possible, as the insurance would only cover ‘unforeseen events’ which are not current.

The insurance industry is quick to protect it’s own interests and will look at the smallest print to find a way out of the contract, I learned this after my failed claim to Egypt as it did not cover revolutions.

It doesn’t pay to go cheap always but to better look at policies that cover events that could happen, this will cost more, but you’ll be protected if it does.

Ash Clouds & Travel Insurance

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