Before I knew anything about the web, I had other ways to find inspiration and voice my interests, COMPASS – A Life Guide was one of my first personal projects.

It was clear from an early start I was a dromomaniac, just I didn’t have a definition to it.

This work is one of my first print projects, something I wanted to do, but never achieved. I then discovered iWeb and soon I was off learning html, and then css, then other languages… the world would be an audience!

I started with just simple pages, then on to galleries, but it was the video element that hooked me, which is a focus I use today.

This is a copy of my first effort towards something inspirational, entitled COMPASS – A Life Guide. It was my first work, despite having done lots of work for others, a personal project is more free.

A relic of my past.


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COMPASS – A Life Guide