Mall of Emirates – dull, the same shops as other places in the world with nothing unique other than Ski Dubai as an attraction.

A taxi rank that zig-zagged and seemed endless and waiting queue of just over 20 minutes, there is no quick shopping here. Seems like a complicated experience to me, what should have taken an hour is now almost three.

Mall of the Emirates is a shopping mall which was opened in November 2005. The multi-level shopping centre features more than 560 international brands. The family leisure includes Ski Dubai – the Middle East’s first indoor ski resort and snow park.

On November 2005, Mall of the Emirates was awarded the title of The World’s Leading New Shopping Mall at the World Travel Awards in London.

I hate it. There is nothing original other than Ski Dubai. Same brands like the west, a long way to come just to shopping in Dubai with nothing uniquely different on offer.

Mall of Emirates

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