Excellent cuts of meat and a good selection of wines are the qualities that make the gastronomic proposal of the Parrilla Don Julio, located in the neighbourhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires.

The traditional architecture inside, the room is warm and authentic, with details such as exposed brick walls, original ceramic of its floors and the bottles that decorate the atmosphere. Tables and chairs on the sidewalk make it inviting, ideal for those who want to eat outdoors.

The flavours of the house include provoleta of goat cheese; the eye of steak; chorizo ​​steak; or the pork barbecue. There are options of pastas, salads and side dishes, along with sweet elaborations for the end, such as “Suspiro porteño” (cream of dulce de leche, brownie, caramel nuts, coconut meringue and hazelnuts).

I waited almost two hours to have the privilege to eat at Parrilla Don Julio, although reservations are accepted they are not always going to be as planned or scheduled.

Unique touches to service levels include offering glasses of sparkling wine or prosecco while waiting for your table to be ready. The staff are attentive and very professional.

This is the sort of place you don’t rush your meal, take your time enjoying the atmosphere and watch the world outside if you manage to get a sidewalk table in the warm summer nights.

Steak was perfectly executed and a very nice portion. I opted for the boneless grilled steak medium rare, with a selection of grilled vegetables which are served with fresh bread and condiments.

Parrilla Don Julio is a restaurant for friends and family, and a special treat for visitors who have traveled from afar.

Parrilla Don Julio

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