Make cents. When it comes to money there is nothing worse than a pocket full of change.

Shopping along, getting a few groceries like fruit, vegetables and bread to take back to my room so I have provisions so as not to eat out all the time discover something very different in Sydney.

On reviewing my receipt can see three items purchased, one at $1.89, plus $1.49, plus $1.90.  A subtotal is calculated and GST is added or included (as is in most countries) along with an unusual line reading ‘Rounding’ to the amount of $0.02.

The actual total for my purchase was $5.28 but actual paid amount equalled $5.30 after the ‘rounding’. Why is this? Because a penny does not exist and the sum is automatically rounded up.

It doesn’t stop shops from pricing items with pennies included but when at the till means the price will most likely be rounded upwards.

It is the first time I’ve seen this and find it truly amazing to see the penny abolished, meaningless change in your pocket – believe me, there is still a lot of coins to carry in Australia.

Is it a good idea? I’m not really sure, I like not having so many coins but I find my pockets filled with them regardless. In the United Kingdom exists a one pence and two pence coin, which is even more ridiculous to have when simply one will do.

My purchase was rounded up by a small two cents, times that by thousands and millions and suddenly it’s no small change.


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