Seacat Colonia is the budget option ferry to Colonia del Sacramento crossing the “Rio de la Plata”.

The MISSION of all the group that form part of Ferrylineas–SeacatColonia is to provide an integral service of fluvial transportation  between both banks and ground that satisfy the expectations of passengers with good rates connecting  Buenos Aires – Colonia del SacramentoMontevideo and Punta del Este, from the terminal of Puerto Madero.

Integrating tourist services to the fluvial and ground transportation is good for the tourists of the region to discover the secrets of Uruguay alternating the stays in Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo, Punta del Este and Piriápolis.

Seacat Colonia innovates the development of tourism packages and promotions to Colonia, Montevideo and the Uruguayan Atlantic coast with rates much more economic than the competition.

Seacat Colonia appears to be a division of Boquebus, in that it shares terminals and ships of the Boquebus brand.

The ferry I boarded, Atlantic III, appeared old and dated, with blackened ceiling tiles, worn seats and signs of previous Boquebus usage, my guess is that Seacat Colonia is a way of using older ferries and ships for more budget seeking travellers and keeping vessels in use, while expanding and updating the main Boquebus brand as a new fleet.

On-board cafes and cafeteria, currency exchange, and duty-free shopping with prices that are almost double.

Ticket prices are about 50% less than its parent and does offers excellent value and great schedules and routes.  However the booking process is clumsy and complicated, difficult to process at times, but when successful means real savings.

Seacat Colonia ferry to Colonia del Sacramento

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