Slightly Chilled Guesthouse is one of a few places available to stay near the entry point to start the quest to climb Adam’s Peak.

On first glance, it sits on the side of a hill and works with the reception and eating area on the top floor, enclosed in glass so that the iconic mountain can be seen in the distance. I arrived during sunset and witnessed a magical view where Adam’s Peak appeared to glow as the setting light created an aura effect on the outlined hill I was to trek in the early hours.

Slightly Chilled Guesthouse room was large, with a double bed, two small seating chairs, bathroom, and a balcony overlooking a picturesque tea hill and views of the mountain itself. It was clean, but little rough on the edges – in the hill country and mountain areas like this is more like being in cottage or camping country, so expect a few bugs. The bathroom was basic, and though it had a shower, it failed to provide any hot water. The bathroom was old with tall ceilings they could probably scrape the webs from the ceiling so at times I felt a little uncomfortable.

It is comfortable enough for the one night (or a few hours) you are likely to spend here. The price includes dinner and breakfast, which makes this great value.

Friendliness is a given, but a good base for your night climb to Adam’s Peak.

Slightly Chilled Guesthouse