Just a ten-minute boat trip from Paros, has delightful clothing-optional beaches with powdery sand and caves that must be visited.

Antiparos is an island in the island group the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, separated by a strait from the west coast of Paros, the boat trip is just ten minutes from Pounta, a little port on Paros which can be reached by bus or taxi, and about twenty minutes from the main port in Paros.

The island’s seashore is 57 km long, but it’s not big in population and includes several uninhabited nearby islands. The town of Antiparos is best explored by foot, and several beaches are within fifteen minutes of walking from the main street.

Antiparos is well recognised for its relaxed, authentic atmosphere. It has many beaches on all sides and offers a nice alternative to the more crowded and hectic islands around it. An area on the northern shore is a well known nude beach with crystal clear warm waters to enjoy.

The largest tourist attraction on the island of Antiparos is a stalactite cave on the south coast, which is reached by a narrow passage broken by two steep descents which are accomplished by the aid of rope-ladders, 340 steps down. The grotto itself, portions are still unexplored, shows many examples of stalactite formations and incrustations. In the entrance of the cavern, there are inscriptions recording the names of visitors in ancient times. Several names and dates going back hundreds of years are painted on the walls of the cave, areas of the cavern walls are covered with graffiti, recording visitors during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Antiparos • Greece

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