After the success of Barcelona and Buenos Aires, Axel Hotel, the world’s first hetero-friendly hotel chain opened the third location in the heart of the gay district of Berlin, a niche upmarket intimate hotel serving mostly gay clientele, and definitely one of the most unique hotel experiences I’ve had.

Dark and stylish, floor to ceiling mirrors, black painted walls in corridors, bedrooms balanced by white cotton and red accents with upward lighting. The real difference is discovering the room layout has an open plan bathroom where shower and sink area is exposed (except toilet).

Immediately when you walk into your room a red-tinted glass reveals the jacuzzi tub and shower behind it, opposite a wall with floor to ceiling mirror, means all is visible to watch whoever may be in the shower or bath. If your travelling with someone you have to be comfortable in your own skin, and not afraid for others to watch.

The spa area on the 6th floor had fitness equipment as well as a wet and dry sauna, with a jacuzzi outside overlooking the city. The whole spa area is glass windows to watch the world outside. The spa is open till 2 am. Rooms have a luxurious and sexy appeal, but there are some things that score low to make this a repeat experience.

The wifi signal and network were difficult and unreliable, connecting on a mobile practically impossible, and the iPad struggled to stay connected. Not included in the room rate is standard TV channels, instead of opting to pay for selected movies Axel Hotel Berlin charges extra to activate even common TV, which in my book should be standard.

Axel Hotel Berlin is in a class of its own and very different from conventional hotels. It is an experience and a destination in itself. This is not a place for the conservative individual but rather one who is willing to be more exhibitionist for a change. It is sexy with the upmarket appeal, cosmopolitan design with high standards and specs. No sleaze here, rather sophisticated kink.

Axel Hotel Berlin

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