Finding the Best Western Premier Why Hotel in Lille is an easy walk from any of the train stations, the facade already hints you are about to get into something unusual about a standard hotel, something it definitely is not.

The lobby and entrance is to boast about, it has a restaurant on the main floor and outdoor terrace, a DJ  with chill-out music suggests a trendy place to be, something the room interiors definitely deliver.

Oval windows, stylish rooms, big plush beds, LED mood lighting, flat-screen TV, modern bathrooms with very unique deep bath and shower that requires a bit of a climb. There is room service available (handy when I discovered my fridge wasn’t working and a bucket of ice was delivered). In-room coffee maker with proper Nespresso coffee that always delivers a punch of caffeine.

The Best Western Premier Why Hotel is chic and stylish. The location is ideal, but Lille is small anyway, getting around on foot is the best way to see the town. Nearby pedestrian shopping areas and restaurants, and just a short walk from main sites.

Best Western Premier Why Hotel