Along the peninsula of Varadero is a long strip of hotels and resorts, and not much else, with some lovely shallow beaches and clear blue warm waters, which are perfect for families or all-inclusive package holidays.

The Blau Varadero is located near the end of the strip, a large structure compared to others in the vicinity but still isolated. Since Varadero offers so little to see, it is important to find a place that can cater to all needs on location.

Blau Varadero delivers with excellent room sizes and nice views if you get the ocean view rooms. If you get non-ocean view rooms you’ll be facing and getting the sun rays all day long, which may be bothersome to some.

A large pool, tennis courts, mini-golf, garden, outdoor pool bar, 2 a la carte restaurants, 2 buffet restaurants, 24-hour beach bar and snack bar, fitness rooms, jacuzzi and sauna, evening entertainment and inside a bar in the large open lobby. After a couple of days this feels natural and routine, but a pleasant array of choices as the menu’s change daily with plenty of options of what to try next.

It does the job, clean and comfortable. If your staying in the higher floors, waiting for the lift/elevator may become a bit of a wait at peak times. An internet room with one PC is available, but no wifi.

Varadero isn’t much more than a resort town, and Blau Veradero  at least offers everything in one place without having to leave the resort or needing your wallet.

Blau Varadero

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