Blue Mountains • Australia

New South Wales most popular national park with rugged mountains, walking trails, waterfalls and dramatic scenery and UNESCO listed in 2000.

The listed and protected Blue Mountains, home to the Three Sisters, an unusual rock formation best viewed from Echo point and the opportunity to bushwalk and hike the many trails, for the outdoor enthusiast this really is a natural wonder. Discover another world and float on air in a Skyway cable car, ride the steepest railway in the world or stroll through the Jurassic rainforest. This is a must-see for visitors because of the range of experiences found at Scenic World.

Tip: take the walk that starts at Honeymoon Lookout and walk along the trail to descend the giant stairway onto the bridge that leads to the Three Sisters.

The blue haze is brought about by the strong oil vapour emitted by the eucalyptus leaves into the atmosphere which along with fine dust particles and droplets of water vapour, scatter the blue light (blue light is short wave-length) more than any other colour in the spectrum.

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