Located on the Atlantic coastline and just south of Porto, it offers casinos and long stretches of pristine beaches.

I never planned on staying or stopping here, it just happened when I was taking a train from Porto to Coimbra, and along the way found myself viewing some great coastline and ocean views which resulted in me spontaneously getting out to stay in Espinho.

Though the time of year (October) was not ideal beach weather it was the quiet time to stay in Espinho. What I discovered was a small town with great outdoor markets, long stretches of beaches that I’m sure are packed in the summertime, and casinos.

It was here that I experienced and witnessed first hand the art of the Portuguese fishermen (and women) pulling in their nets to reveal their catch, with delightfully coloured boats rolled onto the shore, it really turned out to be a community activity.

Its been over decades since my first visit here, I wonder what it would be like today. Though I wouldn’t make this a destination holiday it certainly is a place to escape the cities and get by the coast, I’m sure in the summertime Espinho really springs to life.

Espinho • Portual

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