Finding the Fauna Hotel was easy, down an alley-way where cars have no access and along the top of a hill which immediately gave a good view of the town below and the bay.

Unlike traditional buildings the hotel functions from top to bottom, reception/restaurant/terrace at the top, with rooms leading down the multi-story building perched along the hill. The outdoor terrace offers a great point of view of the town, and in the morning one can watch the sunrise.

I’ve opted for the bay view room which has incredibly tall ceilings and windows, wooden floors and open yet separate seating area. A large modern bathroom with glass-panelled shower and granite floors. Finding a heater in the room made me happy as winters can be tough if you don’t have in-room climate control, something my hotel in Santiago did not have.

The bed was comfortable, pillows and soft duvet covers to ensure your warm on a cold Chilean winter night. The walls are roughly textured and earth brown as if the rooms were made from cutting into the hillside, organic with specs of mud and hay – a down to earth feeling.

I’m finding little fault with Fauna Hotel, despite having no in-room television, it doesn’t really bother me, the town is interesting and colourful and just steps away. A funicular is just metres from the door and for only 100 Pesos (approx 20 cents) you can descend or climb easily to the town below.

Favourite thing about Fauna? Having breakfast while the sun rises, the view, decent breakfast, style and comfort in a down to earth bohemian way.

Fauna Hotel

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