The white decor, padded walls, lighting of the Finnair Lounge immediately have a wow factor about it, modern and contemporary. Though it looks the part, it does have some unusual characteristics for a business lounge.

The reclining chairs facing the runway look comfortable but lack any power outlets for charging mobile devices including laptops. Instead one must settle for the smaller chairs just behind them or settle for a table on the lower level.

Coffee, tea, juices and water are available in the self-service area along with the smallest selection of snacks for a lounge. Drinks are served by request by an attendant, where gin and tonic are free, and champagne charged at 14 euro a glass! There is another choice of ‘sparkling wine’ or Cava, which is free.
Possibly the busiest lounge I’ve ever experienced, at one point I thought it had filled all the seats with a queue waiting to enter. It resembled more a posh cafe than a lounge. Though once you completed your third cava it didn’t matter where you were anymore.

Finnair Lounge – Helsinki

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