Fujioto Ryokan – Tsumago Japan

Ryokan is a Japanese guest house. Fujioto Ryokan is a ryokan in an old post town in a historic preservation area along the old Nagasendo route, can be translated to “road through the central mountains”.

Located in Tsumago, surrounded by Japanese style gardens. The inn’s restaurant serves famous local cuisine that has been enjoyed since the time of the Samurai and Shogun. None of the rooms has en-suite bathroom facilities, and in the traditional Japanese fashion, bathing and toilet facilities are shared. It has a Hinoki Bath, made from the famous scented Kiso Valley cypress wood.

The Menu

Tasting plate of local specialities
Grilled Trout (Char)
Salmon Sashimi
Shinsyu Beef Steak
Seasonal Soured Pickles
Seasonal Boiled Vegetables
Local chicken Osuimono soup
Today’s Dessert

Tsumago Post Town has been carefully preserved to capture the atmosphere and lifestyle of the Nakasendo towns visited by the Daimyo and his entourage during the Edo Period. Tsumago is 5 minutes by taxi and 10 minutes by bus from Nagiso station on the Chou line, 25 minutes by bus from Magome post town, and 4 hours from Tokyo by car/train.

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