Happy Nations – World Happiness Report


As if the United Nations didn’t have more pressing matters to deal with, in April 2012 they commissioned the World Happiness Report, which reviews the state of happiness in the world today.

The report reflects a new worldwide demand for more attention to happiness and absence of misery as criteria for government policy.

These are the results of the first ever World Happiness Report 2012.

The World Happiness Report

  1. Denmark
  2. Finland
  3. Norway
  4. Netherlands
  5. Canada
  6. Switzerland
  7. Sweden
  8. New Zealand
  9. Australia
  10. Ireland
  11. USA
  12. Costa Rica
  13. Austria
  14. Israel
  15. Belgium
  16. Luxembourg
  17. United Arab Emirates
  18. United Kingdom
  19. Venezuela
  20. Iceland

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Happy Nations – World Happiness Report