The main feature of staying at Hotel Century Southern Tower is that all 375 guest rooms are located from the 22nd to 35th floor, and offers fabulous views of the skyline of Tokyo.

A double room was a good size, possibly the biggest room I had in all of Japan, with high standards, this was the most luxurious stay I had while visiting. The location itself is ideal as is only steps away from the southern exit of Shinjuku Station, a great base for exploring Tokyo as well within walking distance to what is known as the entertainment district.

The most impressive feature is definitely the window and the view, with a wide aspect, the skyline by day was less impressive, but by night you almost don’t want to leave your room as the view just becomes stunning watching the sunset over the city (if you have a west-facing room).

However, you do pay more to stay at Hotel Century Southern Tower but in return, you get outstanding service and view. With in-room wifi (rare in Japan), large bed, decent room, great bathroom, and spotless interiors.

Hotel Century Southern Tower is a good option is your sharing or travelling as two. I used it as a treat to end my trip to Japan, and will always remember sitting in my room with the lights out, sipping my sake, looking out at the twinkling city lights below.

Hotel Century Southern Tower

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