Excellent location and easy walking distance to Old Havana makes Iberostar Parque Central Hotel a great place to stay.

It is a modern 4/5 star, depending on which building you stay in. The older original building is slightly dated, but the rooftop pool offers excellent views over the square and Capital building in the vicinity. This remains the main entrance, and also with a large foyer, is the place to see some evening entertainment.

A newer building is now connected by an underground passage-way, or just a short block away if you choose to walk at street level (though may mean being harassed by locals). The newer rooms are spacious and modern, and the rooftop offers additional swimming pools and restaurant and bar with great views of the city below.

Iberostar Parque Central Hotel is a very comfortable stay, but after reading reviews on Tripadvisor it may just depend on which part of the hotel you get your room. Ask for a room in the new building and you may find the standards are higher than in the original building.

The hotel does offer wifi only available in the main foyer and can be charged to your room. This is Cuba, so don’t expect to be connected to the world as easily as in the modern world – after all, coming to Cuba is a holiday and a break from it all.

Iberostar Parque Central Hotel is an excellent hotel in a great location.

Iberostar Parque Central

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