KitKat is a small gay bar hidden within the alleys of downtown Amman catering to a men-only clientele.

There is little after hours or late places to be entertained in Amman, most things close early evenings, but there are a few hidden places that do offer something genuinely different.

In a very retro outdated atmosphere, tiled walls, flat-screen TV and tables with cheap alcohol, grungy, dingy and dark with an all men clientele, this is the other side of Amman not often found in guidebooks. It is a local bar serving those of other persuasions who don’t follow the norm of Jordanian culture, this is part of the hidden gay life of Amman.

This is a man’s man’s bar, or a queen, or those of slight feminine character. The laser lighting offers a setting for the Arabic music that loudly plays while the boys get up and dance and shake their bums with imitation belly dancing and the like.

From outside it is virtually impossible to know what is behind its doors.

“No pictures or video please” I was told when I took out my mobile to snap a shot, fearing that they would inspect that I had already snuck one in.

The crowd is friendly and loud, this is where family meet family and those that share the same interests come to meet. For the sake of protection, I can only reveal its nearest location in a web of alleys in the old downtown core of Amman.


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