Favoured by locals, Al-Shami Restaurant offers genuine food with no frills, with amazing views.

Hidden within the small market area of the souk of Aqaba, with an entrance from the side alley of Al Raghadan Street, a top floor restaurant with views of the Hussein bin Ali Mosque that looks out to the Red Sea with the border city of Eilat Israel in the distance. During sunset, the scene is spectacular as the sky turns to gold.

Prices are reasonable and you get very good value for your money. Al-Shami Restaurant is very much favoured by locals, which is always a good sign.

Try fresh fish or many of the local lamb and chicken dishes. Try the mezze that is served before the main dish. These are all kind of appetizers: dips, pickles, salads. They are so good, you can actually fill up your stomach easily with them and will be no space left for the main course!

From the menu I’ve selected:

  • Bābā Ghannūj
  • Tabbouleh
  • Fisherman Basket

The bābā ghannūj is the best I’ve ever had, creamy and slight hint of red chilli for that extra lift in flavour without the heat. As expects the tabbouleh was fresh and clean to the palate.

The main dish of Fishermans Basket included grilled shrimp/prawns and calamari with a garlic and herb dressing, and a simple fillet of white fish, all accompanied with sweet cooked carrots and French fries.

It is nothing flashy about it, this is genuine local food at its best, which can be seen by the numbers that kept coming. The food is fabulous and so is the price, at only 16JD including my soft drink and a Turkish coffee, all with a great view if you manage an outdoor table or window seat. Sitting on the balcony might be just too hot during a summer day but it is very nice after sunset. You can feel the buzz of the street while enjoying your dinner.

This was my best meal in Jordan!

Al-Shami Restaurant