Oahu Circle Island Tour

Beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes and mountain ranges and magnificent sunsets is the stage mother nature sets on the island of Oahu.

Oahu is an island in the mid-Pacific, the most populous of the Hawaiian islands, the third-largest in size (after the Big Island and Maui) and the cultural, financial, and top tourist destination of the Hawaiian islands. As the home of the city of Honolulu, the state capital, and as home to over 85% of the state’s population, Oahu has appropriately nicknamed “The Gathering Place.”

Days spent dashing about, bustling nightlife, great restaurants, exciting cultural events and establishments, good public transportation, and a variety of shopping and lodging options. Combine this with the city and island’s extensive beaches, parks, mountains, recreational areas, and quaint towns and this makes one enjoyable metropolitan area. Oahu is truly at the heart of Hawaii, home to the only real metropolitan area in all the Hawaiian Islands.

One can relax on Oahu just by going to the right destinations on the island, you just need to know where to look. A calming oasis can be found as there are many resorts located outside of Waikiki that offer less crowded surroundings. Natural beauty can be found in the two mountain ranges. Some great hikes are just a short drive into the mountains from Waikiki. Secluded white-sand beaches, funky beach towns, pounding winter surf on the North Shore. All of which can be found in other parts of Oahu.

I opted for a circle island tour of Oahu with Nau Wale No Tours with a private driver. The tour can be customised so you see what you really want based on your interested. Though the island may not appear too small, it is in fact too large to see it all in a day.  So enjoy Oahu and all it has to offer.  Take time to visit some of the white sand beaches, mountain trails, and scenery outside of Waikiki.

Oʻahu was apparently the first of the Hawaiian Islands sighted by the crew of HMS Resolution on January 19, 1776, during Captain James Cook’s third Pacific expedition. Escorted by HMS Discovery, the expedition was surprised to find high islands this far north in the central Pacific. Oʻahu was not actually visited by Europeans until February 28, 1779, when Captain Charles Clerke aboard HMS Resolution stepped ashore at Waimea Bay. Clerke had taken command of the ship after Capt. Cook was killed at Kealakekua Bay (island of Hawaiʻi) on February 14 and was leaving the islands for the North Pacific.

Today, Oʻahu has become a tourism and shopping haven. Over five million visitors (mainly from the American mainland and Japan) flock there every year to enjoy the quintessential island holiday experience.

I would be more than happy to return again and again. 🙂