One of London‘s newest landmarks The Shard boasts a top of city eating experience on the 32nd floor at Oblix Restaurant.

Dress code of smart-casual, it offers sophisticated, urban, casual dining with some incredible views, if you manage to get a seat next to a window, and offers dishes from a menu of spit roast, charcoal grill and wood-fired ovens in an open kitchen.

The food was expertly executed. My halibut with artichoke & olives with bouillabaisse sauce was excellent, and it should at 28£. The sweet potato puff ice cream with ginger-infused maple syrup was my selection of choice for dessert, and though it was very nice indeed, I could not tell it was sweet potato at all and was similar to having deep-fried ice cream, which I’ve had in the past.

Like entering the innards of a pyramid with stone walls, at times I felt trapped and entombed until entering the open glassed areas. The dining room is separated from the cocktail bar which has live music, a good option if all you want to do is have a drink and take in the view at the same time, without having to dine.

The best time to go is in the evening when the sun is setting for the ultimate view.

Photo by Chic*ka, on Flickr

Oblix – The Shard

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