Come to Jad Mahal for dinner and be seduced by the setting and sensual pleasures of belly dancers and fire eaters.

We arrived for our reservation at Palais Jad Mahal, recommended by the concierge from the Four Seasons. It was dark and mostly candle lit , we were seated in a lounge area by a smallish table on low chairs and cushion bench seat.  The lack of light made reading the menu almost impossible.

A menu between Moroccan cuisine, Thai and Western food. I opted for the beef which was cooked perfectly.

Suddenly music played and a dancer came out with a silver tray balanced on her head with half a dozen burning candles. She was then joined by more belly dancers who spread themselves though-out the restaurant so that everyone would see a performer.

Slightly uncomfortable at times when swinging hips and bellies approached, it was only later it was clear to show your appreciation by inserting some sort of paper donation around the hip.

Palais Jad Mahal

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