At the old port of Dubrovnik sits Poklisar Restaurant, this restaurant-pizzeria-cafe, a family-owned business that serves un-modified items with genuine dishes of the region.

Poklisar Restaurant is about simplicity in meals, no need to over flavour or decorates dishes, let the ingredients and items deliver the taste as they are naturally. Leave high expectations behind, this is simple dining with natural flavours without being masked by inventive garnishes and sauces. Good old-fashioned food from a family kitchen.

All meals have no accompaniments, even ketchup is listed on the menu as extras, along with chips/potatoes or roasted vegetables, which is fine when you want to customise your meal, but awkward for a first-time visitor looking for something complete. However, a tuna pâté with slices bread was delivered to the table as a starter, after I placed my order.

I’ve opted for muscles, listed on the special chef menu, in a white wine and garlic sauce. Undoubtedly freshly harvested as the sea still flavours the muscles, freshly squeezed lemon revitalise the taste buds after the strong saltness of the wine sauce.

A town built on the shores of the Adriatic Sea means seafood was my selection for the main meal, with fish fillets, grilled squid and shrimp in a light olive herb dressing. Immediately when it was placed at the table the smell heightened the palate for the meal, but overall it was a nice selection, but it didn’t wow the tongue. However, the shrimp was beautiful.

Poklisar Restaurant

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