Unique plankton found in the ocean off the coast of Peru is said to make the seafood taste great. It certainly is true of the eating experience at Alfresco Seafood Restaurant in Lima.

“In shame, I couldn’t help but ask for the menu again as I wanted more and more!”

Not every time I dine do I treat myself to two mains, but such was the case after having a very fresh plate of ceviche with a small kick of chilli, managed personally rather than chopped on my plate, to balance the sweet and sour notes of the seafood.

Blown away by how delicate and beautifully arranged seafood plate, topped with a sliced hot red pepper round that could be cut down and nibbled, topped with pickled seaweed, and giant sweet corn kernels to sweeten the palate, blasted by a refreshing taste and texture of the sea. Just wonderful!

The second main I chose a grilled baby octopus with baby potatoes and canalised onions, drizzled with olive and light balsamic. Tender it was. Soft, almost creamy texture, much more savoury.

I knew I had to leave, I could have just sat there all day and night sampling each item on the menu. The service was very good but eventually had to pay and leave. I still have relapses of that ceviche and would fly back just to enjoy that dish again and again…!

Restaurante Alfresco • Lima – Peru

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