Royal Jordanian Crown Lounge is open 24 hours and has everything to start or transfer enjoyable.

Royal Jordanian and its partners offer premium Lounges at a number of our destination airports to help you feel at home when travelling. Each lounge offers various business, dining, and entertainment services, giving passengers a peaceful place to rest or work. Crown Class passengers and Royal Plus Platinum, Gold or Silver members can take full advantage of these select services either before boarding or while in Transit.

With free wifi, a selection of meals from salads to small sandwiches, fresh coffee machines, wine selection and bar, and even a small smoking room enclosed in the back of the lounge.

On the top mezzanine overlooking the shopping area below, it isn’t a huge airport and easy to get around. There are small quiet areas and private viewing areas with your own personal TV. It is spacious, modern and clean and a very nice lounge.

Royal Jordanian Crown Lounge

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