International dining is becoming more commonplace, just because you are in Spain doesn’t mean you have to stay with tradition, despite Chinese, Indian or Arab food being available, each country still has it’s own variation on the theme.

Southern California food is the choice as I prepare to dine at SoCa Restaurant and Bar in Sitges. I’ve passed it on many occasions and it always seems to draw a crowd. When traveling it’s better to go places where people are eating, as this means the food is good and most likely fresh too.

It has an appropriate surf and Californian images hung on the walls, one wall having exposed stone, the opposite minimalist white clean. Wooden floors make it feel more organic while dining at dark wooden tables with chairs of white and red only. On the menu is a selection of typical dishes of nachos, fajitas, tacos, grills and more. Maybe too much and not defined enough, it does offer enough to please more than just a few.

I’ve ordered scallops grilled with mango and borracho (meaning drunk – made with wine, it’s a play on words) sauce. While the presentation was impressive, at first felt there might have been too many flavours for delicate meat of scallops, but after finishing my plate find it tingle my taste buds. This is just the starter.

With the main I’ve stuck to the theme of the sea, after all, Sitges is a coastal town. Battered langoustines in three sauces, each to deliver a different flavour. One of mango purée, cool and sweet. Another of honey and mustard, adding sweetness and something slightly sharp. Finally, tamarind, a south American fruit purée, tastes like a semi-sweet balsamic, making a unique combination to break the batter which seems to kill the taste of the langoustine. But the flavours work after a few, taste buds are dancing with each new drizzle and combination.

This isn’t 5-star dining but the service has been personal and good and the meal has been fun with a play on flavours.

SoCa Restaurant

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