Cusco is a charming city and being near the Plaza de Armas puts you within reach of all the most important places of interest, such is the case when staying at Tierra Viva Cusco Plaza Hotel. Its outdoor terrace offers a great view of the city and the hills which surround it. Booking at Tierra Viva Cusco Plaza Hotel means airport pick-up as well for those just arriving into Cusco.

Upon registering you’ll be offered coca tea to help with the altitude sickness that can sometimes hit travellers just arriving, it slowly creeps up on you as it did with me and found myself asleep very early in the evening as my body adjusted to the new height, but fully recovered and ready the next day.

Despite booking two different types of rooms, a single on the first stay and a double room on subsequent stay, both rooms were identical in size and style. The rooms are a good size however could be small considering there could be two in a room. The bathroom is modern and clean and two bottled waters are included.

Though all rooms have large windows, there is to look out to, most rooms face into courtyards, and having your curtains drawn would mean disclosing everything inside. However most just pass through Cusco and a stay here is ideally located and comfortable, and staff ensure you get on your way on time and requested taxi bookings arrive on time and a price that is correct locally (be warned, taxi drivers will make you think they are offering a fair price, but in fact, the actual cost is often less than 50% of what they quote you).

There are more upscale options to stay in Cusco  but Tierra Viva Cusco Plaza Hotel is comfortable enough to enjoy and its location is ideal, considering the price too, it is not a bad deal after all.

Tierra Viva Cusco Plaza Hotel

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