My home city of Toronto celebrates its 175th birthday, it continues to grow and  show the world what a modern city is all about.

At 175 years Toronto still remains one of the world’s youngest cities which celebrates global achievements such as the most multi-cultural city in the world as voted by the United Nations.

Annual events like the Toronto Film Festival has gained international status, the city celebrates film and art house cinema and has often been referred to as Hollywood of the north. Its been said that Toronto boasts the most number of festivals than any other city, this may be due to the huge cultural mosaic and diversity of people of the world.

Growing up in Toronto was a wonderful time and every return visit I’m reminded of the residential home feelings of wandering the tree lined streets, kids playing street hockey, festivals in parks, strolls along the lake shore and ferry rides to its tranquil island.

[su_ad_content]This year I decided to dig deeper and found a wonderful record of images of Toronto’s past in the City Archives. Simply entering a street name or place my produce images from the past and I found some from as early as  1902 of the Toronto Island and playing tracks on my home street of Lansdowne Avenue.

Due to copyrights I am unable to display those  images here but you can search for them in the City of Toronto Archives.

Toronto is an under-rated international city. It doesn’t hold the status of cities like New York or London but it doesn’t need that status. In a way,Toronto is a hidden gem and best enjoyed in the summer months, something London can’t make a claim to as summers and weather are never guaranteed (2007 and 2008 was no summer at all, with temperatures failing to seldom hit above 21C).  New York buzzes but maybe too much, finding your own space on Manhattan Island is something you may only find in your hotel room.

Open spaces, clean streets, culture, art and festivities are all on hand inToronto. Beaches, parks, lake and waterways. Does any other city boast having its very own island?

I’m proud of Toronto and the way the city has grown. In 2009 Torontocelebrates 175 years of history. It has come a long way and has so much more to go.

Happy Birthday T.O.!!!


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