I’ve been to a few places when I crave a taste of the sea, and often places try to be too posh when they serve oysters, but not the Well & Bucket in London‘s Shoreditch High Street.

Others are too generic but the Well & Bucket feels more one of a kind – reflected in the low-key decor and rustic walls with clinging historic tiles, wooden floors and tables and the bar which sits almost centred but stocked with layers of whiskies for choice. It feels like a pub, sort of place to ‘hang out’ and share some swollen oysters with friends and enjoy worldly beers and whiskies.

eurpeFresh shucked Maldon oysters from England – refreshing undressed – topped with a little pickled onion which accompanies it makes it sing.

The Half shell sushi oysters served with pickled ginger and wasabi soy feels like a dance inside the mouth. Refreshingly sweet with a slight zing of the wasabi and salty soy. A slight after-bite of heat lingers, and a slight crunch from the sprinkled poppy seeds.

Their choice of ‘sliders’ makes a great meal if you choose any three of the nine options. There is nothing usual about any of them but find all if them inventive and original, all served on a tiny bun. I had the Blackened catfish, herb mayo and pickled cues, the BBQ aubergine, pistachio lemon ‘slaw, and Cheeseburger with kimchi.

Possibly the best selection of beer I have found anywhere in the world, this alone makes coming here well worth the trip. The La Chouffee blond Belgium beer is simply light and earthen in flavour. Fuck Art This Is Religion, a beer from Denmark, was strong in flavour and at 8% delivers a punch when it kicks in.

This is the sort of place to start with friends and have a drink or two, and for sharing its menu if there is more than just you, on this occasion I’ve eaten enough for two.

There is no doubt the food stands on taste, the service not like a typical restaurant and more with a pub attitude, but I’m convinced the Well & Bucket is one of the best places I’ve been in London.

Well & Bucket

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