Your traveling long haul and have a long stop over before your next flight, hanging around in the terminal is not the most comfortable ways of spending your time, though a new option is available in New York, London and Amsterdam  are Yotels and Sleepbox, where you can rent a room by the hour.

Yotels offers modern compact rooms with free WiFi, showers, flat screen TV’s and workstations with multi power points, available for a minimum of a 4 hour booking. This is a great alternative to just hanging around, and a good alternative to checking in at a full feature hotel. Best of all, the location are usually within the airport terminal.

A newer option called SleepBox is soon to become reality in Moscow airport, which if proves popular could be expanded into other markets. Intended primarily to enable a person to sleep or relax in a private space away from crowds. Compact cabins with a bed only, no shower or bathroom.

SleepBox website states the opportunity to have boxes that can accommodate 1 to 3 people, each unit with heat insulation, attached centralized ventilation system with air conditioning. Possible locations of airports, rail stations, hostels and even offices. This could be a new trend for travel in the future.

Yotels and Sleepbox

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