Bournemouth • UK

Bournemouth is a seaside resort town in the county of Dorset on the south coast of England. Founded in 1810 and first became recognized as a town in 1870. Its proximity to the Jurassic Coast and Poole Bay has turned Bournemouth into a prized summer holiday destination.

The cream of Victorian society including royalty flocked to Bournemouth. Eager to sample the relaxing ambience of the town, breathe its healthy air, bath in the pure seawater and unwind at leisure.

The first spa hotel was built in 1885 – the Mont Dore Hotel (now Bournemouth’s Town Hall). The hotel also offered the Mont Dore cure which was said to be healing water and could not be found anywhere else in England. Sea and pure water from the Bourne stream were pumped into the basement of the hotel to allow the additional luxury of soaking and perspiring in Turkish and salt baths.

Since then, Bournemouth has grown into a thriving seaside resort and many of the big hotels offer spa treatments of their own as well as spa and beauty boutiques peppered throughout the town centre catering for men as well as women.

In recent years, Bournemouth‘s growing population of students, gays and surfers have given it a more bohemian image than a typical south coast retirement town, leading to the nickname “BoMo”.

Bournemouth has a year-round mild and temperate climate. The warmest months are May to September which is when you will enjoy long, hot and sunny days. Bournemouth‘s annual rainfall is well below the national average.