El Chiringuito de la Mar Bella


El Chiringuito de la Mar Bella caters for the city’s large gay community and, of course, gay visitors.

Its location on this part of the beach couldn’t be better, clearly targeted towards a more gay clientele, but in Barcelona sexuality is not something people consider out of the ordinary and where the mix is often even.

Located right next to the nudist beach of Mar Bella is one of the most charismatic bars around the coast of Barcelona and the only openly gay environment: The Chiringuito de la Mar Bella. Also known as “Chiringay”, the place has come to be in its own right a benchmark, not only of the local gay scene but also internationally. Thus, during the summer months, there are many tourists from around the world.

It is not the best service in the world, rather slow and un-attentive, but the prices and food is decent and makes for a good break from the sun when you can get a seat.

At night El Chiringuito de la Mar Bella was a good local place to go for drinks on the beach and under the stars. The ‘Chiringay’ usually organises a variety of parties during the summer months. But it has been renamed chiringuito BeGay.

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