Hàbaluccomida sana and creativa, a healthy and creative cuisine. Its name means “the pleasure of eating” in Aramaic.

Colourful interiors with white sails that cover the ceiling, like sitting under a canopy of a tent, it feels rather a circus like, perhaps expressing the creative menu it offers.

An outdoor terrace for warm days and nights, if you can manage a seat. The menu is simple, as with Spanish custom a selection of primeros and segundos to choose. Interesting and wholesome starters of salads or cheese dishes, with mains including vegetarian to meat dishes, but what impressed me most was the Tacos de Atun Marinado, which less than superb.

I was less impressed with the Solomillo de Ternera a la Brasa, a beefsteak, but this was mostly to do with not getting the best cut and found it a little nervy for my liking.

Homemade desserts near the entrance are a nice way to finish the meal and perfect for sharing.

Hàbaluc – the pleasure of eating

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