Exclusive to British Airways, the first-class lounge, Galleries, Heathrow terminal 5.

Champaign bar is one of many options available for the fast track passenger, including a dedicated wine bar, spirits bar, snacks, coffee and tea, breakfast buffet and even food made to order.

It may be only 10 am but the joy for finishing breakfast and moving on to the champaign bar really is a good start to any journey. Pleasures like these can only make future travels in coach or economy less pleasant, though if ever the opportunity arises one can never lose the chance to indulge in what some have as a regular experience.

I have a passion for travel but don’t have enough points or miles to get the Gold access to these lounges. Often its the back end that my seat is allocated with only one upgrade ever (thanks Qantas Airlines).

On this occasion, I’m invited by a BA Gold Member to the exclusive fist class lounge, different from the business lounge but not elite enough for the Concord Room.

I’m working on it.

First Class Lounge, Heathrow T5