I’ve stayed at the Hotel Galeon Pavillon on several occasions over the years, returning to improvement after improvement. It has really come a long way from the no-frills hotel it used to be.

As standard, all rooms have been updated with a stylish design and comfy beds, a mini-fridge to put bottled water or anything you choose, all with tv and air conditioning. Rated just three stars, it does offer some services found in more upscale hotels, like a pillow service, should you need to want something specific like a hard or soft pillow. For a small deposit, beach towels and parasol are available, saving packing space to travel lighter, or use the space for other necessities.

On this occasion, I’m in the Galeon Pavillon, situated in another building just minutes from its parent. These rooms are considered superior with wooden floors, balcony, upgraded bathroom and shower units. I’m especially impressed with the long large mirror that faces the bed, it gives the illusion of doubling the size of the room.

The Galeon Pavillon tries to be more exclusive by separating it from the main building, it also offers a rooftop terrace and jacuzzi. In-room services include coffee and tea selections and kettle.

Regardless of which building you stay in, breakfast is in the same place, Hotel Galeon, one of the best selections I’ve seen anywhere, served till noon – it’s the latest breakfast bar I know. With the reputation of its late nights in Sitges, late breakfasts are very much appreciated.

Hotel Galeon Pavillon

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