Gorge du TODHRA

Todgha Gorge, or Gorge du Todhra is a canyon in the eastern part of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, near the town of Tinghir.

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Both the Todgha and neighbouring Dades Rivers have carved out cliff-sided canyons (Arabic: wadi) on their final 40 kilometres (25 mi) through the mountains. The last 600 metres (1,969 ft) of the Todgha gorge are the most spectacular. Here the canyon narrows to a flat stony track, in places as little as 10 metres (33 ft) wide, with sheer and smooth rock walls up to 160 metres (525 ft) high on each side.

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It is easy to hike in the gorge along a well-maintained paved road. The scenery is spectacular. Local people live in the area and can be seen with their small donkeys or herding camels and goats, or enjoying picnics by the river’s edge.

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A well-maintained asphalt road leads up the valley from Tinghir to the gorge.  Gorge du Todhra is popular among rock climbers.

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Many Morocco travellers visit the Todra Gorge as they journey through the south on the ‘Road to Desert’, a route from Ouarzazate to Merzouga. The mining town of Tinghir is the base town for visiting the Todhra Gorge. During the drive from Tinghir to the gorge, there are thick passages of palmeries and Berber villages.

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