Having returned year on year to Sitges for my annual holiday from holidays, the Hotel Sitges Group offers a selection of hotels in various classes, one of which is Hotel Galeon Sitges which at one time was a budget hotel, but now delivers a much more upscale experience and a reason why I always choose to book here first when I return to Sitges.

When I first stayed in Hotel Galeon the rooms were basic but clean, it delivered excellent value back then, and since renovations and upgrades rooms are now delightfully decorated, comfortable beds, wooden floors and modernised bathrooms, even air conditioning is installed in the rooms for individual control for those that just can’t stand the heat.

What I really like is the late breakfasts which are served until 12 pm, unheard of in almost any hotel elsewhere. A choice of pillow from soft to firm, and even beach towels and umbrellas are available free (with deposit), saving you valuable luggage space and weight.

Hotel Galeon is my number one choice when I return to Sitges it delivers and is an excellent product conveniently located in the heart of Sitges.

Hotel Galeon

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