Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the only true city on the island of Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands off the Spanish east coast.

Half the population of Mallorca lives in the city of Palma. The city became a tourist destination in the 1950s, and tourist numbers have continually increased in the subsequent half-century.

The holiday season lasts from the end of April until October, and from November to April, temperatures range from 20-28 degrees Celsius (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit) and may require a jacket in the evenings.

Today, Mallorca is one of Europe’s major holiday destinations, with many tourists coming from everywhere, every year. Palma is a city of modern, hotel chains, and flashy shops, yet, is dated and still retains much of the old architecture, with the Old Town having narrow streets, and showing the restored cathedral standing proud in the centre of town.

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