London sees the worst snowfall in 18 years and the city comes to a complete stop.

Anyone who has ever visited or lived in London should already know that making anything work here is a real challenge, even when the sun shines there seems to be an excuse or reason why something failed to work correctly, but after many years one just accepts that is how things work in the mighty city of London.

After 18 years, despite weather warnings of the snow that was to come there were no plans to prepare or systems in place to keep the city going, instead, the city came to complete stop as all public forms of transport were cancelled.

This meant no public buses, trains and tubes leaving thousands stranded to find other ways to get home is such poor conditions. Having been raised in Toronto, I have a wealth of experience with snow, and on this occasion, I witnessed a poor performance by such a powerful city.

It is another example of how London fails to deliver the services that the public need. Councils failed to provide adequate preparation for the roads, it meant that over 6 million people failed to arrive at work due to weather conditions, losing billions from the local economy.

You would imagine a city like London could cope with events like this, in fact, it stresses that London is incapable of being prepared. This is not a poor city and certainly, a few trucks on hand would at least keep major roads clear, even if it meant they get used only once every few years.

Even in good weather, the transport system can have its days, Londoners are already used to the excuses of ‘leaves on the track’, ‘wrong kind of rain’, ‘tracks may bend’.

In the end, despite the weather and moan the best thing was the day off so many people had, even the next day when the sun shined and melted the snow on the roads over 6000 schools remained closed.

It does not surprise me at all. It is just another example of how things just never work as they should in London.


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