Greenwich • London

The distinct character of Greenwich really does it make it feel like a small village within the city of London and plenty of free stuff to see and do too!

So near to central London – only 20 minutes from the city centre – Greenwich is a place of contrasts, from awe-inspiring architecture, tranquil open spaces and breathtaking views to cosy pubs and bustling street markets.

Georgian and Victorian architecture dominates in the town centre which spreads to the west of the park and Royal Naval College. Much of this forms a one-way system around a covered market, Greenwich Market and the art-house Greenwich Cinema. Up the hill, from the centre, there are many streets of Georgian houses, including the world’s only museum dedicated to fans, the Fan Museum.

In 1997, Maritime Greenwich was added to the list of World Heritage Sites. Home to The Cutty Sark (a clipper ship) has been preserved in a dry dock by the river. A major fire in May 2007 destroyed a part of the ship, although much had already been removed for restoration. Its future has yet to be decided.

Near the Cutty Sark, a circular building contains the entrance to the Greenwich foot tunnel, opened on 4 August 1902. This connects Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs on the northern side of the River Thames. The north exit of the tunnel is at Island Gardens, from where the famous view of Greenwich Hospital painted by Canaletto can be seen.

What’s best about this part of London is the open spaces and parks, its proximity to the river and the many things on hand to do, and when there is a sunny day (rare in the UK) it is also the perfect place to chill in the warm sunshine and have a picnic with friends.

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