Qatar Airways A380 Lounge

The A380 Lounge – your sanctuary in the sky on Qatar Airways.

At 40,000 feet aboard the top deck of the Qatar Airways A380, a spacious elegant lounge in the sky. The A380 lounge is a sanctuary in the sky, the ideal place for First and Business Class customers to relax, read your favourite magazine, or just enjoy the ambience.

Stunning chandeliers, inspired by contemporary Arabian design. Enjoy a range of canapés and other delicious snacks while relaxing on one of the settees finished in European leather.

This is luxury travel at its best, at least in my experience so far. Spending time here on a long flight is very comfortable, the A380 Lounge could easily accommodate some 20 people on the long leather seating.

Krug champagne is on tap, one of the world’s best-rated House of Champagne – one must indulge in such luxuries when available.

The A380 Lounge on Qatar Airways has been the most impressive flying experience so far.

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