After several flights I have come to know Qatar Airways for its excellence in service and standards, my first Qatar Airways Dreamliner Business Class experience continued to exceed the standards of many other airlines in a similar class.

The flight between Stockholm to Doha on the Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner has larger electronically-dimmable windows and provide natural light. Full-spectrum LED lighting will set the mood and help you adjust to changing time zones. You’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed due to the Boeing 787 Dream liner’s lower cabin pressure, improved air quality and optimal humidity.

Every seat is an aisle seat in Business Class. The cabin configuration forms a unique diamond shape, allowing you to adapt your personal space to suit your needs. You can catch up on sleep in a fully-reclined seat or make productive use of your time at a large work surface.

Two Celebrity Chefs have been chosen to create a unique and diverse Business Class menu, an on-demand service that allows you to enjoy sweet or savoury delicacies whenever you like.

Qatar Airways is quickly becoming my number one choice for travelling long-haul to the far east. The service standards far exceed what I have experienced with European and North American airlines. Thumbs up!

Qatar Airways Dreamliner Business Class

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