Tam Airlines Business Class from London to São Paulo enroute to Buenos Aires.

I’ve always enjoyed experiencing other airlines in order to compare service levels and comfort. Although I don’t always travel in Business Class, it is however a great way to travel long haul.

TAM Airlines Business Class was very spacious and comfortable, however I found the seat configuration slightly strange compared to other experiences with OneWorld members such as Qatar Airways, but still more spacious than British Airways but not as private.

There is ample leg room ahead, but a platform just out from in front of you to rest your legs or put items. The seat-back displays for the entertainment system and  fully adjustable seats to fully recline when sleeping.

Meals and service was excellent, however being a night flight means you are likely to spend most of the time eyes shut and wake only to the breakfast before landing.

For long hauls why not fly Business Class…. the journey is so much more comfortable and before you know it the 10+ hours has just flown by.


TAM Airlines Business Class

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