SkyDive Las Vegas

The ultimate Las Vegas adventure!

There is no better rush than the feeling of free-falling at 120mph from as high as 15000 feet. SkyDive LasVegas offers tandem jumps, the highest skydive in Nevada, from nearby Bolder City, a short distance from Las Vegas.

Deciding to jump requires you be reminded of the dangers of extreme sports such as sky-diving, and as your being shuttled from the Las Vegas Strip your made to watch a video that warns you of the dangers, which may cause injury and even death. The option is always open to decide not to jump, but before you do, you are required to sign some legal documents releasing the operator from any negligence should something happen. (Sports Cover Direct offers insurance for extreme sports)

After 20 minutes of training and instruction, you are suited up. While you wait for your jump you view others as they parachute down from the sky to a landing zone. When it is your turn, you are boarded onto an aeroplane, and as you are flying to the required height you are securely attached to an instructor who does three checks to ensure you are securely attached.

From as high as 15,000 feet (about 3 miles) the aeroplane doors are open and your instructor will lead you towards the exit and fall, you will see the Hoover Dam, Lake Meade, the Colorado River, Las Vegas Strip, Mt. Charleston and the entire Las Vegas Valley.

After falling for approximately 40-60 seconds the parachute is pulled, this is the moment you realize how high you are, adrenaline is pumping from the rush of falling. As you glide down, your instructor will show you how to manoeuvre the parachute and give you the chance to ‘fly’ a little, before preparing you to land.

There is no better feeling than when you reached the ground safety and realizing how much of a rush the experience really is. There is no doubt that should and when I return to Las Vegas that this experience must be repeated.

Thanks Len and everyone at SkyDive LasVegas!