Recovering from the ravages of war, Vietnam remains underdeveloped but is certain to explode as the destination for the 21st Century.

This destination certainly deserves a visit. After decades of war and conflict peace has been reached and people are building upon the wealth of visitors. What has been compared to Thailand 20 years ago there is no doubt that this is the next destination to benefit from tourism.

At present, the infrastructure is still being built to prepare itself for the increasing number of visitors. New roads and airports mean much of the landscape is rapidly changing to make room for these improvements. Our guide book was already out of date even though it was the latest edition ( a year old), airports had closed, getting around had changed and some hotels were no longer as they were described.

We travelled with Vietnam Airlines throughout the country as this was the best option to cover as much as we could in such a short amount of time.

This is one of my favourite destinations and biggest surprises, it certainly felt like it was an adventure beyond the usual holiday, cultural and unspoiled. It is the people that make this so special, with as little as they have, unspoiled by the material goods the western world are spoiled with, its the smiles and welcome of the people of Vietnam that make it so welcoming.


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