Hotel El CidSitges is a one-star budget hotel that great value considering location, pool, rooms and breakfast options.

I’ve stayed here before and rooms have been updated with in-room television and air-con, Hotel El Cid has evolved from the basic and yet still very good facilities, to providing a lot more for just the one-star rating it has.

What I really like is the late breakfasts which are served until 12pm, unheard of in almost any hotel elsewhere. A choice of pillow from soft to firm and even beach towels and umbrellas are available free (with deposit), saving you valuable luggage space and weight.

The pool is the best out if the three partner hotels with higher ratings, however this one is focused for the budget traveler.

A voucher for a free glass of cava at the Platjador Hotel roof bar and terrace, with great views of Sitges, is a nice treat for all guests and shouldn’t be missed.

Get a room that is pool facing and the more modern part of the hotel with balcony or terrace, or you may have a road to look at, but this is well located and well priced.

This is extremely good value with service to match.

Hotel El Cid

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